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When you say it’s already too late, you have to think it twice because no one can stop you from being successful other than yourself…It may serve as an excuse for yourself to give up. When you want to show others what you really can do, never hold back.

My father said in life we have to aspire for being able to do what we love. At the same time, we’d better learn a profession first to make a living by, in case we didn’t have the opportunity to do what we love. He believed the two things don’t always coincide with each other. That’s how I became an economist, however, different art branches and literature interested me way more than economics. I had my first degree at Budapest University of Economics, Faculty of International goods traffic, major in French and German languages. I have to admit I loved being a foreign trader despite the huge gap between my field of interest and what I had learned. Can you imagine what did a job like this mean in a former socialist-communist country? It meant that from all these citizens – who could travel to Western countries only after long, bureaucratic and humiliating procedures once every three years with maximum 50 dollars in their wallets – I became one of the few lucky people who could go to Milan, Munich or London multiple times a year. How bagatelle and ridiculous it seems today… but it was the harsh reality. Human values and fundamental rights for freedom didn’t mean a lot in my country back then, as well.

I dealt in works of art and fashion products – during the second part of the ’80-s – for the profit of the state, of course. Meanwhile, I continued my studies within the confines of a postgraduate course at College of Arts and Crafts, Faculty of Industrial Design. My thesis participated in a competition published by International Wool Secretary where they feed my collection with the international jury’s special award of arts, out of twenty countries’ young contestants. It was a one-year scholarship to Paris where finally my real life began. Meanwhile I was climbing up the stairs of internationally well-known fashion houses, step by step, from tailoring card drawer to designer status, I finished AAM’s (Academie de l’Art de la Mode) fashion designer course, as well. Nothing had such an intense impact on my art like France. Later, during my fashion designer career critics often mentioned that my classic, elegant pieces embodying the big city luxury, can be recognized by the silhouettes that typify me so well, by the unique colour- and material combinations and among others, the delicate decorative techniques that are soaked with the original French chic straight out of Paris, in every millimeter.
After the Hungarian change of regime, leaving my French life and blooming career behind, I got back home. Frankly, I didn’t expect so many difficulties I had to face with but despite all of these I had wonderful years here. I believe things don’t happen without reason. I believe in a higher principle what we can experience only after things happened to us the way they did. I found a partner who I established my brand and opened my first boutique with, in Budapest. Right after it was followed by Berlin, Barcelona and Dubai. I also got the attention of Hungarian TV networks, I became the art director at one of Hungary’s leading networks for nearly a decade, moreover, filmmakers and opera directors asked me to be their costume designer, the world opened for me again: I had the opportunity to try myself in international field, from the States to famous opera houses worldwide.
When I needed total relaxation, I painted, just like in my childhood. I remember I was always drawing, during classes as well which I could get on my teachers’ nerves with. Painting became my secret fortress: I locked its door, keeping every bothering noise out and there was nothing left, just the canvas and myself. And of course my thoughts and visions. I worked feverishly, totally forgetting about myself just to make these visions and impressions visible as soon as possible. Over the years a collection was born of my artworks. Maybe I would have been watching them alone until this day if I hadn’t met an art historian who became my friend and mentor ever since. She told me it would be a huge mistake to keep these pieces locked at home, not giving a chance to the audience to see them. She convinced me to organize an exhibition. I had no idea what can be the following step after that or if anyone could like what I made. But after the exhibition’s opening the world turned upside down around me. Nearly nothing got back from the exhibition hall, „my children” got new homes, piece by piece. Then it was followed by various invitations to show my paintings and I just realized I never had enough paintings to show because they always got sold soon…Of course, I never had because I spent the other half of my time with writing these years.
My first big novel was autobiographic inspired, it was published under title The last morning in Paris. Confessedly, I wanted to write out of myself all the things that I went through. It was a surprisingly big success that I may thank to my fame in my homeland and people’s curiosity about how I achieved all this. Until this day, the book had seven editions and sold more than 100.000 copies. But I had another story as well, I had memories that kept chasing me, wanting to burst out of my soul and my mind. While writing Zarah’s story I didn’t know a trilogy would bloom out of my hands. The first book is about a German-Jewish grain merchant’s littlest daughter who escapes from the hell of nazism. The protagonist of the novel – that dissects how the strong-backed hold on – is a person who is really sensitive and warm hearted on the inside but life’s struggles transform her into a cold, distant person, capable of making ruthless decisions, however, she gets her own severe personal tragedies for all these acts. In the final period of her life she faces with her past, the consequences of her actions, her mistakes and by all of these she becomes very lovable and fallible, all at once. The second book, The heritage of Zarah takes a huge step forward in time where we can be totally absorbed in a love story, a gripping thriller or a historic saga along the second world war’s untold secrets, tailing all that through the protagonist’s lost grandchildren’s path. The trilogy’s third part is being published in Fall 2019. Well, I think you are not surprised by the fact that fashion design had been put into the shade lately, however, it’s amazingly inspiring to make a new collection, even if it’s only a pleasure now.
My mom always told that I’m a late bloomer. Maybe even she didn’t think that my blooming would be this late, not hiding the fact that I’m in my late fifties. Of course, I’m not proud of it either since it’s a simple condition and I am lucky to reach this age. I’ve been on the stage of fashion design for 35 years, been painting for 20 years and been writing for 5 years now. But still, I feel that the most important things are ahead of me…Like I told at the beginning… Never say it’s too late, never say that you’ll do it later… because as long as we are alive, anything is possible.

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